Why do more and more people in the world choose our water wire screen?

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  • Corporate style

    Ensuring the best quality and high efficiency; Think much of credibility, Pay attention to frugality, always keeping with diligence and self-encourage.

    Enterprise Development Approach

    High-tech, high credibility, high quality and high efficiency.

    QC Profile

    1.World Class Quality Control System:
    Xinlu provide our customers with high quality water well screens and related wedge wire screens products.

    2.Third party inspection:
    The productive process of Xinlu wedge wire screens is controlled by third party test company such as SGS,etc. or client's representative.

    3.Non Standard Screens:
    Xinlu company can produce wedge wire screens according to customer designed and clients’ requirement screens.

    4.Quick Delivery:
    Xinlu company can prepare stock for our regular clients to meet clients' requirement at any time.

    5.Lower Maintenance of the Well:
    The water can pass freely around coarse particles and enters the well. So low maintenance costs with minimal encrustation or build-up of scale.

    6.Environmentally safe:
    Xinlu's wedge wire screens and water well screen meet the Environmental Protection.

    Our Project

    From pharmaceutical to food processing to power generation industries, specialized equipment must be protected to ensure both maximum uptime and high-quality outputs.

    Industrial filtration involves the removal of contaminating particles from the air and other gases. Many industrial processes require air filtration and separation systems not only to protect equipment but to also protect the work environment.


    The most common uses for filtration include:

    1.Protecting Equipment from Ingesting Harmful Contaminants

    2.Removing Contaminants to Purify air and gas streams

    3.Protecting Personnel and the Work Environment

    4.Separating and Isolating Desirable Product from the Air Stream, etc.


    We can provide the wedge wire screen and filter element OEM service, and our filter strainer can be used in coal mining, food and beverage, oil and gas, desalination, wastewater/water treatment, power industries, fish farm, fish farm, food and beverage, Agriculture Industry, etc., to provide a full range of filtration treatment services for industrial projects.

    Customized Products:

    Xinlu can provide all sizes of wedge wire screen, v wire screen, Johnson wire screen, wire wrapped screen, water well screen pipe, stainless steel filter element, flat v wire panel, sieve bend screen, rotary drum screen, filter nozzle, strainer nozzle, screen nozzle, according to different engineening.

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